EPS is not soluble in water.

EPS is resistant, at ambient temperature, to:

  • alkalis
  • dilute inorganic acids
  • gypsum plaster
  • most alcohols
  • portland cement
  • silicone oil
  • solvent-free bitumen

EPS can be damaged by, and should not come in contact with the materials below. Protect EPS geofoam from contact with these materials both during construction and after project completion using an appropriate hydrocarbon-resistant geomembrane or other physical barrier:

  • hydrocarbons
  • chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • organic solvents
  • ketones
  • ethers
  • esters
  • diesel and gasoline
  • concentrated acids
  • vegetable oils
  • animal fats and oils
  • paraffin

If using EPS geofoam in a location of contaminated soils, laboratory testing should be performed to determine the nature of the contaminants, e.g. methane, and their possible impact on the EPS geofoam.

Chemical Resistance of EPS Geofoam