Bridge Abutment

bridge abutment

There are several advantages to using EPS geofoam to construct approach fills for bridge abutments. Because of its high compressive resistance, EPS geofoam can safely support highway loading without over-stressing the underlying soils. This usually results in less differential movement at the bridge/approach fill interface, which reduces the construction cost of the approach slab and its long-term maintenance. In addition, when compared to traditional embankment fills, EPS geofoam imparts significantly reduced lateral forces on abutment walls, foundations and other retaining structures, because the transmitted lateral force is proportional to the weight of the backfill. If this weight is substantially reduced, as with the case of EPS geofoam backfill, this leads to savings in the design of bridge abutment and other walls, which are no longer required to resist large horizontal static and dynamic forces.